Recording a Dream Being Fulfilled

I got to spend a gorgeous day recording location sound with my friend/video shooter Eric Oliver last week. We met up with the producer, Hans, who would introduce us to our subject, a man I know as Freddie. Freddie and his wife traveled from Greenville in East TN to be at the Cool Springs Galleria Mall in Nashville (their first time in town!). Reason? Freddie had been the subject of producer Hans (who produces for German TV) in the past, due to his rather large size. Freddie tips the scales at around 620 pounds, down from a top weight of around 900 pounds. Freddie is determined to keep trimming away, but that’s not why he was in Nashville.

He was in Nashville to record his initial video audition for Simon Cowell’s new talent show, “The X Factor”. Freddie may take a minute to take in when you see him, but you’ll ‘get’ his talent right away – he has the voice of an angel, a powerful tenor that I suspect got brought up well in church. We gathered at a walk-in recording studio kiosk at the mall and got the whole thing down on video. To do so, we had to leave the studio’s door open to the mall, and he drew quite a crowd. Judging from their response, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Freddie get picked to advance to the in-person auditions coming up in Charlotte, NC soon.

We finished at the Galleria and took the gang downtown, where Freddie and his wife got to check out the Ryman, Tootsie’s, and lower Broad in general. I hope they enjoyed themselves. At one point we could all smell the burgers grilling in one of the restaurants, and Freddie’s wife commented on how good it smelled. “Yes, it does,” replied Freddie, “but it doesn’t smell like salad!” Indeed.

Good people, a fun time. I want more of this, and I want Freddie to get his day, too. Thanks, man.

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