…And Away We Go

Cranking up something as basic as this website has been quite a task. I’d get a groove going, and then (thankfully) have to put it aside for actual Work. Two observations:

1) All of the gearing up aspects of working in video/film, all the stuff deemed necessary that must be maintained that has nothing to do with location sound mixing, or editing, or anything noteworthy to me, all of that makes me much more grateful when a job pops and I get to go out in the field. Once this site is reasonably complete, I’ll keep blogging and adding info about my experiences, but I won’t have to start up this site ever again, and for that, I’m a smiling Bob.

2) I have to get out more.

I will add some equipment info, maybe a couple of pics, and a bit of talk about rates, all very soon. Also, I should say something about recent gigs, one in particular. Also soon. Thanks for stumbling in!

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