About Bob

Hi, I’m Bob; let me tell you a bit about myself.

I was born and raised in woodsy, rural Washington. The kids in the area would sound the call whenever anybody’s mom drove into town, which explains how a 9-year-old from the sticks was able to see “Star Wars” in the theatre 7 times in 3 weeks. I acted in every school play and sang in every choir.

My mom, brother and I came to Tennessee when I was 13. I graduated from Springfield High School and took up study at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. After a year’s time, I was allowed to create my own major; I began a self-designed program of Film Studies and got my first taste of movie production via Super 8 film classes.

After college, I worked as a production assistant around Nashville, Tennessee, mostly music videos, but a bit of feature work.

A year later I moved to Tucson, Arizona, where in 1992 I produced a campaign video for a Congressional campaign. I began to get professional acting jobs and joined the Screen Actors Guild under the name “Robert Mason” (because it’s easier to spell than “Toevs”).Bob Toevs bus card

Next I heard the call of the east coast, and settled in Boston, Massachusetts for the next 12 years. I worked in the music business there, as well as writing freelance music journalism for such outlets as the Boston Phoenix and Instant Entertainment magazine. I continued to act and work set jobs on the productions “Fever Pitch”, “The Departed”, Showtime’s “Brotherhood”, and the PBS anthology series “The American Experience”. I studied and performed at ImprovBoston, co-founded the sketch comedy troupe “The City That Sleeps”, and pursued my lifelong passion for music and recording. All of these interests came together when I wrote, produced, and directed a short film, “WIPED”, and film/video production became a permanent preoccupation.

After 12 years in Boston, I moved back to Nashville, where I am currently based. My passion for film and video is relentless, in that it combines aspects of my favorite arts and crafts – photography and the film image, performance, writing, music and sound.